There Are Wolves in the Forest

“There Are Wolves in the Forest” is a brutally feminist retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Written as a response to the paternalism and sexual metaphors of the traditional tale, this depiction tailors the original elements to an empowering narrative that weaves together contemporary horrors and visceral fantasy. Currently available to order online in PRINTED FORM. Also available at Crescent City Comics (3135 Calhoun St, New Orleans, LA 70125).


“There are Wolves in the Forest is an incredible ‘other’ telling of the classic children’s story, Little Red Riding Hood. ‘…Wolves in the Forest’ continues Chubb’s unique take on storytelling and her respectful but pliant spin on the original source material. In this way, she reshapes the mythos of a well-known tale and gives it new life.
The mood Eden creates in the story is near tactile. The artwork; playing black against white, with a brief use of stipple; creates a world forbidding and stark, yet whimsical, with a hint of danger to come. No easy task this, but it reminds the reader of the original telling, before pulling the rug out from under them. One of the things I loved about ‘…Wolves in the Forest’ was its limited use of dialogue, which allows the pictures to propel the story, so in a way you don’t so much ‘read’ the story as experience it. ‘Reading’ the artwork isn’t the same as reading text and art together. The eye can wander over the drawings leisurely, taking in the story at a pace more relaxed than reading text. And when there finally is dialogue it is delivered almost like a nursery rhyme, which makes the violence that follows that much more visceral. To close, “There are Wolves in the Forest” is a story of mood and movement in a minimalist approach that is masterful in its delivery and hard hitting in its storytelling.”  -Review by Eric Paul Joseph, Research Archivist at Xavier University Library